Session work

I offer a wide range of recording studio services and have recorded for an enormous variety of musicians, producers and composers in a diverse range of styles from soundtracks, classical, orchestral scoring, pop, rock, folk, Celtic, Nordic, middle Eastern, Sephardic, new age, pop - even hip-hop, experimental, avant-garde and some jazz and jazz fusion.

My clients have included world class musicians, including supporting Jon Anderson of Yes, scoring and performing string arrangements for Rain Parade, composing or performing scored arrangements for Florian Tessloff, a TV and film music director for numerous European TV and films and scoring/performing strings for Barbara Higbie 

Other notable projects: Medieval Sephardic Musician Lauren Pomerantz, modern Rai singer MC Rai, the psychedelic space-rock peformance artist Gilli Smythe, ‘Tribal Trance Druidic Dance’ music of Land of the Blind, the harp pop-jazz stylings of Verlene Shermer and hip-hop/rap albums produced by Nick Peace & Million Dollar Dream. 

My instrumental abilities include: violin (acoustic and electric), viola, cello, bass, harp, guitar (acoustic, nylon, wire, electric in both 12 string and 6 string), nyckelharpa, mandolin, cittern, bazouki, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltry, penny whistle and light keyboards. 

I specialize in providing string arrangements - such as a string quartet or even full orchestral sound. I read music so you can provide me with a score or chart. I can also learn parts aurally, or I can improvise or design a score or part for you. 

I can come to your studio to record if you wish, but most clients ask me to lay down tracks in my own studio (I use ProTools platform and own high end microphones/preamps) and send them the stems which they can then freely import, sound design and edit. 

Fees are variable depending on the nature and extent of your needs, but they start at $75/hour. If you wish to hear a sample of my work, I am more than happy to send you a “reel tape” of samples of my work for outside clients. All my session work is guaranteed, meaning that if you do not like what you get or could not use what you get from me, I will re-record the tracks for you until they are right or refund your payment.