Aryeh Frankfurter is amazing - Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle 

Aryeh Frankfurter is one talented guy. He plays just about any instrument that has strings on it, and his skill is demonstrated throughout his latest musical offering, “In Their Footsteps.” Highlighting the nyckelharpa, Aryeh plays beautifully arranged traditional tunes, backed up with harp, guitar and fiddle, cittern, viola, cello, bass and Irish whistle, all performed by Aryeh. [The Music] is arranged in an almost symphonic manner, somewhat like he is painting with sound. He is one of a few harpers outside of Scandinavia playing Nordic repertoire on the Celtic harp. My favorite feature of this album (and it seems to live permanently now in my car), is that it sounds so live and immediate, as if you“re in the living room with experienced and talented musicians playing all these instruments in perfect understanding of each other. Aryeh understands well how instruments should play off each other, lead each other down new paths, provide that thrilling moment of pleasant dissonance or interesting variation of rhythm that pulls the whole tune together in perfection. 
- Beth Kolle, NyckelNotes51​​ 

I believe that many traditional music enthusiasts, like myself, would agree that they are not altogether familiar with harp music. Having listened, intently, to this album by Aryeh Frankfurter, I can honestly say that I have been missing out big time. My apprehension very quickly turned to pure delight … I run out of superlatives on the musical content of the album … refreshing is the way in which they have been arranged and presented by the artiste in such subtle and melodic fashion. This album displays thought and sensitivity throughout. It is not long also before you discover the immense multi-instrumental talent of the artiste. I found each one beautifully arranged and played. There must be faults on this album, as I do not believe a perfect album has yet been recorded! If you find any, answers on a post card please! The sound quality is some of the best I have heard. - Bob Brooker, The Folk Mag 

Though not a household name, Aryeh is every bit as relevant as others with higher profiles. All in all, a fine recording one which devotees of the harp should have in their collections. - Rick Christian, Essex Folk News 

wonderfully diverse …What I have always liked about Mr. Frankfurter’s style is how aptly his arrangements and accompaniments for the melodies - nothing is there that shouldn’t be there, and nothing is missing that should be there. Certainly the same “hand-in-glove” aptness is still very much present. Mr. Frankfurter has lost none of his joi de vivre or his overall attention to detail as an artist, and not many musicians can play not only the Celtic harp but many other instruments with his facility. - John Wheeler, Folk Harp Journal 

In ‘Harp Songs of the Midnight Sun’ [Aryeh Frankfurter] has fulfilled his promise, as an arranger and as a player. The album has a wistful quality … The Swedish and Norwegian melodies are uncommonly lovely and haunting, and lovely counter melodies have been added, with a variety of instruments. … An impressive work of arranging, as well as of performance. … With a band, each instrumentalist will have some idea of what to add to the mix. Here, all the ideas come from one very gifted musician. A generous CD; and considering the richness of the arrangements, to say nothing of the accomplishment represented by multitracking of so many instruments, it must have been an enormous project. That one can buy a copy for a price is a boon to all of us. - Mitch Landy, Harpsounds Folk Harp Journal 

He conveys the ethos of the music through rigorous transcriptions. … The resulting music plays like a soundtrack to an unborn epic fantasy film. … exotic. I hope as many readers as possible will journey with him. - Harpbeat by the Bay 

‘Harp Songs of the Midnight Sun’ [has] pleasant, melodic and very warm music where the fine arrangements have a fundamental presence. … The heavenly ethereal Harp provides the album with a halo of emotive spirituality. - Sarah Tomblin, Amazing Sounds 

an excellent player of the Celtic harp, … pure pleasure, … a recommended listen. - Cliff Furnald, Rootsworld 

the multi-talented instrumentalist successfully manages to paint one elegant and tastefully muted Scandinavian landscape after another. … “Harp Songs” stands out as the instrumental highlight of the year. - David Myers, The Davis Enterprise 

I love this CD. … Aryeh’s soft arrangements of Scandinavian folk music are gentle, sweet and … moving. … This cd is for the common man’s soul. So it should reach a lot of people. … Support the man and pick up the recording. - Ben Ohmart, Atnzone Magazine 

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Aryeh Frankfurter’s music is beautiful, enchanting, blissful, pure and soothing… an artist of the highest order 
- Owen Baker - Flynn, Pier 39 Entertainment 

Aryeh [Hebrew ‘Lion’] Frankfurter is a gem among the San Francisco musician scene … his arrangements and playing style have a delicate, sparkling perfection infused with lyrical warmth … purity of tone and expression, not just on the harp but on the other instruments … I’d give my right arm to be able to do anything, even blowing up bridges, as well as Aryeh plays O’Carolan. 
- Harpbeat of the Bay Folk Harp Society Journal 

…without doubt … [some] of the finest Celtic harp I’ve ever heard. Aryeh … captures a feeling of warmth and comfort that will charm and delight anyone. … emotionally charged and skillfully rendered. [Aryeh] … brings us diversity, individuality and beauty of the harp. 
- Ben Kettlewell, Alternate Music Press 

Deeply emotive … masterfully played. This music withstands the test of time, touching the heartstrings of the listener centuries after it was written. - Michael Diamond, Body Mind Spirit.